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Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,    


Thank you for your interest in Fifty5five and the children’s services we donate to Christian ministries in developing countries.  We know that you probably have specific questions, but we ask that you review this application first since most of your questions will be answered in the following pages.  


Fifty5five is a non-profit organization that provides Children’s Ministry teacher training and Vacation Bible School programs for evangelical Christian ministries in developing countries that are serving the poor and advancing the Gospel of Christ. Fifty5five is a network of volunteers who donate their time and talents to overseas ministries.


The only costs for the host ministry are those associated with the facility that hosts the training.


The following project application will help us determine the types of training you are requesting and the number of children we can expect to help you minister to. Please take time to prayerfully answer all questions that apply. Your answers will help Fifty5five prepare the best possible team of volunteers and supplies necessary to train your teachers and reach the children in your area.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  You may communicate with me by email at  I look forward to the possibility of furthering the Kingdom of God and serving the Lord with you! 


For Christ,

Theresa Cane


Fifty5five offers international ministries several options to apply for Teacher Training Workshops and Vacation Bible Schools.  Apply online, download a PDF file and email back, or download a PDF, complete the form and upload it directly to us.

Upload Completed Application

Reaching children around the world by training teachers!


Fifty5five serves to mobilize Christian volunteers with a heart for children and a calling to the great commission of sharing the Gospel. We serve Christian ministries that are reaching out to the children in their communities and advancing the gospel of Christ through Kingdom service. 


Fifty5five is a non-profit organization.


Fifty5five has designed workshops to train local church staff how to setup and run a fruitful Children’s Ministry. Included are everything from leadership classes, storytelling, lesson reinforcement, methods for teaching life application, right down to classroom management, We see this training as a foundational piece of our calling - so the work of ministering to the children can continue, long after Fifty5five has left.


Fifty5five workshops can be tailored to meet your specific Children’s Ministry needs. Please take time to visit our web site at for more details on the training which can be provided to your ministry.


Fifty5five has developed a Vacation Bible School program that serves two purposes. The first purpose is to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children in such a way that they can make a decision to accept Jesus as their LORD and Savior.  The second purpose is to give teachers who received the training offered a chance to gain valuable hands on experience while helping Fifty5five conduct the Vacation Bible School.


Fifty5five is a faith based organization relying on the gifts of volunteer Children’s Ministry teachers, story tellers, worship leaders, activity directors, skit writers and actors as well as those gifted in organizing the supplies needed for a fruitful Children’s Ministry.

Fifty5five is pleased to offer these services without charge.  We only require that you provide a facility and cover all of the costs associated with it and volunteer interpreters.

We also ask for a volunteer coordinator who can arrange hospitality for the Fifty5five Ministry team while they are serving alongside your ministry for 2 weeks (usually 5 – 12 people). This includes in-country meals, lodging, and local transportation.  Fifty5five will fund the team expenses.

We do not cover expenses associated with coordinators, interpreter, lodging, meals, or transportation to those who live in-country.

Our Goals

To meet your Children’s Ministry needs by offering training tailored to your teachers, by providing curriculum and supplies that meet the specific needs of the children in your church, and by reaching the children in your community for Christ through the Vacation Bible School. We strive to be sensitive to the culture of the area while we are in country.  Most of all we pray we provide new ideas, excitement, and encouragement to you as you continue to serve, ministering to the children in your region.

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