Fifty5five Board of Directors

We are a community of unique and skilled individuals working to enable Fifty5five to achieve it's goals.

Theresa Cane


Theresa is the President of Fifty5five.  Though her focus will be on trip planning and oversight, she also tends to bookkeeping, social media and is an active traveler.  She comes to us with a background of Administrative Assisting, Chaplaincy, Children’s Ministry, Youth Group, College Group, and Women’s Ministry.  She has held multiple roles over the last 10 years including Secretary and Director.


“I became involved with Fifty5five in 2007 as a traveler.  I have a heart for youth and realized after traveling how instrumental the teacher training was in creating thriving children’s ministries around the world.  Children are the leaders of tomorrow and every tribe, tongue, and nation deserves to meet Jesus in a real and personal way.  We don’t simply hold a VBS.  We train the teachers so that the work continues long after we leave.  VBS is just the icing on the cake!”

Linda McFarland

Founder/Training Coordinator

Linda attends Lakeside Church in Folsom and is the Training Coordinator of Fifty5five.  She has served the organization for 10 years and will continue with a look toward incorporating new people and new talents into the operations.


"Because I received Christ at Vacation Bible School at the age of nine, I have had a lifelong interest in bringing the saving grace of Jesus to children. After 20 years of training teachers and children locally, the Lord moved me to take these skills on the road around the world."

Ginny Millhone


Ginny serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors. She has a long history of serving in children’s ministry, and has been involved with and a supporter of Fifty5five since its inception. Ginny retired from the Los Rios Community College District as an Administrative Assistant in December of 2008. Ginny and her husband John attend Emmaus Church Community in Lincoln.
“I have always been a support person, and this ministry gives me the opportunity to serve as a helper to the Fifty5five team who take the gospel to children and teaching staff around the world. It is a privilege to be a part of this ministry.”  
Becky Jo Anderson
Artistic Coordinator

Becky attends Touchstone Christian Fellowship in Sacramento and has been part of the founding team.  She will continue to provide teaching skills and vision to the organization, as well as leading fundraising efforts.

Ron Wood

Taylor Baierlein

Taylor attends church at Touchstone Christian Fellowship. Her career has allowed her to advocate for foster and at-risk children within the court system. She also trains adults how to work with and support youth who have been victims of sex trafficking as they try to integrate back into society. Over the years, she has led VBS and sports camps both locally, and in other countries. She has volunteered at Shiners Hospitals for Children in the Therapeutic Child Life Center, taught Sunday school, coached soccer, and worked as a camp counselor.


“One of my greatest passions is working with children and missions are a close second. I strongly believe that the teacher is the heart of the ‘classroom,’ in that it is their responsibility to make every child’s experience uniquely tailored to them. What I love about Fifty5five, is that they combine Jesus’ heart with wonderful learning material and it really doesn’t get much better than that!”

Ron has been involved with mission and outreach programs for many years. As the leader of a local church’s Missionary Care Team he oversaw partnerships with several national and international missions and their missionaries. He has played key roles in several short term mission trips to locations in the US, Mexico, and Eastern Europe. Ron is a civil engineer by trade and a Christ follower by grace.


"Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the world is an important part of my life. I believe the mission philosophy of Fifty5five of training nationals to teach and share the gospel to their nations as one of the best uses of the resources God has blessed us with in America. I look forward to serving God (and His children) through my participation in Fifty5five."

Don Gilzean

Not long after accepting Jesus as Lord in 1984, Don began serving in children's ministries at Warehouse Christian Ministries. During his time at Warehouse, he served in the preschool, elementary,and junior high school programs, as well as being a camp counselor. Don currently attends Touchstone Christian Fellowship. Don brings experience in banking, finance, and corporate training to the Fifty5five team.  In addition to being a part of the Fifty5five Board of Directors, he serves on the Board of Directors at Touchstone.


"Coming from a background in corporate training, I understand the importance of teaching in a way that is focused on the age level of the learner. That is what Fifty5five is all about. Teaching others how to bring the love of Jesus to children around the world in ways that a child can learn from and enjoy!"

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