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(If possible, please use one church leader and NO family members.)


In order to help this mission trip be a success for the work and advancement of God's kingdom, I commit to:

1.  Maintaining a daily time in God's Word and in prayer.

2.  Praying daily for the project and the other team members.

3.  Fulfilling all requirements regarding passports, health insurance, shots, etc.

4.  Raising my full financial support.

5.  Submitting to the authority of my team leader(s).

6.  Being a team player (i.e. staying with the team, dining with the team, and maintaining a servant attitude toward teammates.

7.  Remembering that I am a guest and making every effort to avoid offending my hosts and the community in which I am staying.

     (i.e. observing dress codes, trying food that is offered, etc.)

8.  Abstaining from the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs while on the trip.

9.  Refraining from any activity or behavior that could be construed as romantic or inappropriate toward a local or a teammate.

Please note that fingerprints may be required by Fifty5five before final approval of application.

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