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Volunteer Signups

Fifty5five relies on you!              Your donations and your time!

Please sign up to help during our fund raising activities.

Fifty5five has fun raising money for missions

Fifty5five conducts regular fund raisers that are not only serious about raising critical resources to aid in our missions, but we like to have fun while we do it.  Please join us in these activities to help fund our trips.

Spring and Christmas Tea Parties

The Spring and Winter Tea Events are the premier of all our FUNd raising events.  Fifty5five spares no detail to provide you the best of tea party experiences.  Please join Fifty5five and Miss Manners in supporting this great ministry.  You will experience great tea, finger foods and wonderful fellowship.  The Party is usually in Spring and in Winter.


Always a favorite at our Spring and Winter Tea is the Fifty5five Mission Boutique offering unique hand made crafts and gifts from locations around the world where Fifty5five ministers.  However, the Fifty5five Boutique is not only available at our Teas.  Consider helping us fund raise with some of these ideas:

  • Perhaps your church is having a women’s event.  Find out if the church would allow Fifty5five to have a ‘mini’ boutique in conjunction with the event, during the breaks.  It’s great shopping from around the world as well as an excellent opportunity for women to build community with each other as they compare their bargains!

  • Consider marketing some of our staple items from the boutique to your friends, coworkers or family.  We have many items including lovely pot holders, aprons and purses available.

  • If your workplace would approve, you might want to have a ‘mini’ boutique in your lunchroom for a couple of hours for some holiday shopping.  Or consider having a neighborhood event and invite us to market our items in your home.

  • Do you have a talent you could market for our benefit?  We’ve had everything from an artist donating a painting, a home concert and even some sailing lessons!  It might be as simple as doing gift wrapping at Christmas!  Get creative with the gifts the Lord has given you.


In 2024 Fifty5five will operate one fireworks stand located at:

  • 3320 Arden Way, Sacramento (near Watt, in the Safeway parking lot)


Come by and pick up all of your July 4th fireworks needs, or just to say hi.  Our fireworks are blessed.

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