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Pictures from the many VBS praticals conduced by Fifty5five

Vacation Bible School Practical

Following our teaching training, the national teachers work alongside Fifty5five conducting a one to five day VBS for local children​


(1) to provide children with an opportunity to clearly hear, understand and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
(2) To provide the newly trained teachers an opportunity to work alongside our group and use the new skills developed during their training. This also gives the hosting ministry an opportunity for an outreach to their community.
We invite all the children in the area from ages 2 to 102 for a fun filled time while we teach the love and hope of Christ.
The length of time for Vacation Bible School can be tailored to meet the needs of the community; from one to five days, from 3 hours to 6 hours daily.  Each session of Vacation Bilbe School covers a specific aspect of God's plan for us.   We use worship, crafts, Bible stories, skits and activities to cover each day’s topic:
Day 1: Creation
Day 2: Sin
Day 3: Forgiveness
Day 4: Sacrifice (with an altar call)
Day 5: Living for Christ
Through experience we have learned that about 600 children is the maximum number who can be effectively ministered to at a single Vacation Bible School.  If more than 600 children are anticipated we need to consider doing two simultaneous VBS's or doing both morning and afternoon sessions.
Click on the gallery to see some of their work in action.

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