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Fifty5five's ministry began in the small village of Haulover, on the East Coast of Nicaragua. A group of fifteen volunteers carried 1800 pounds of Children's Ministry supplies over muddy unpaved roads, to this village where they spent two weeks ministering to the children of the community. During the visit local church staff received training and then worked alongside Fifty5five during a 5-day Vacation Bible School.


Friends were made and children's lives were touched. God blessed the effort mightily with over 400 kids attending the Vacation Bible School and approximately 250 children responding to the altar call, confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Since that trip we have seen the Lord opening numerous doors as He's preparing our hearts and lives for this type of ongoing work.

Fifty5five has designed workshops to train local church staff how to setup and run a fruitful children's ministry. Included are everything from leadership classes, storytelling, lesson reinforcement, methods for teaching life application, right down to classroom management.  We see the training as a foundational piece of our calling -- so the work of the Lord can continue long after Fifty5five has left.


It is Fifty5five's experience; when people are facing insurmountable poverty, grace is abounding in greater measures. God has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs to the throne. Poverty appears to make the Gospel more effectual. Lack of basic needs and worldly goods leads people to contemplate eternity on a deeper level. It is our desire to help the impoverished understand their eternity through the hope of Christ.

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