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Fifty5five Services Application
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A. Contact Information

Local Contact

International Contact or Organization (if any)

Reference (Someone outside your ministry who can recommend you and your ministry

B. Ministry Background
C.  Trip Details
Understanding the area Fifty5five will be teaching and training in is critical for us to assemble the appropriate team and prepare the supplies needed to best serve you.

Describe the facility Fifty5five can expect to use for teacher training. (For instance: Inside a church, an auditorium, parsonage, etc.) How big is it? Is there a stage or platform? Type of seating? Is there electricity available? Is there running water? Is there a sound system or will one be needed? (Please provide photos if available).

Upload Facility Photo

Describe the area we will be using for teaching the Vacation Bible School. (For instance:  Indoor or outdoor?) Is there a secure area to store the supplies needed for the VBS? Are electricity and water available? Is there room for outdoor activities like relay races, etc? Is there room to divide children by age group for age-specific teaching? Are there tables and chairs available for children’s crafts? (Please provide photos if available).

Upload VBS Area Photo

Describe the hotel/housing where the Fifty5five team will stay. How many rooms are available? How many beds per room? What are the facilities like (showers, bathrooms, kitchen, etc…)?

What percentage (approximate) of adults speak English

What percentage (approximate) of children speak English

Can we buy plain paper there?

Can we buy aluminum foil there?

Can we buy paper plates there?

Can we buy staplers and staples there?

A Fifty5five team is typically made up of approximately 5 to 12 people, but can be more.  What is the maximum number of teachers you can accommodate and why?

D. Signature

Submitting this application signifies:

  • I have read and understand the positions, policies, and requests of Fifty5five as set forth in this application.

  • Our ministry will provide on-site expenses for a potential Children’s Ministry team as described in this application. If not possible, please provide an explanation below.

All statements are true to the best of my knowledge.

I have read and agree to the Fifty5five Privacy Policy

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