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We Have Done All We Can ... Now, it's in God's Hands

As if it wasn't always in His hands. His plan, his timing. Sometimes I think he allows us to play a role in His plan. Actually allows us to feel as if it's us that's doing it. Sometimes I recognize that it is all him. I am much like an empty robot costume, waiting to be filled by someone living and breathing. Waiting for that first opportunity to perform the role it has been created for. It seems like we have been in Siem Reap for a long time and so far haven't told our first bible story, performed the first skit, or completed a single craft with the kids. That's all about to come to an end. God reached into my room at 3:30 this morning and said, "It's time." Get up out of bed and get ready to shine my light.

Today, our team splits in two. Something we don't normally do. One team will be conducting teacher training to continue after we have gone back home. One team will be conducting a vacation bible school. I'm a bit slow in learning sometimes, however, I wondered why he raised up a team of eight, seemed like a lot ... now I understand ... we needed enough workers for two teams.

At 7:00 this evening California time, please stop whatever you are doing, and send up a prayer of support for the work that will be starting here!

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