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United in Worship

The day started with the worship of the locals. One of the things I value the most in our travels is worshiping in another language as they are wholey surrendered to Him. It always brings me to tears. I don't have to know the language to unite in worship.

Later in the day it was amazing to see them learn kid's worship songs. They worked together to translate the lyrics to Spanish and then put it to music. The next thing we knew they jumped up and added the keyboard and drums and extra ways to stomp on the devil.

Most of the trainers are young. The young lady in the photo to the left teaches in a local Batey. She teaches about 20 kids and occasionally gets some assistance. I love the young people putting their faith into action.

Please pray as we enter the last day of training. That those that are supposed to be there are not deterred. Also, that many can travel into the Bateys to put this new training into practice.

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