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That Bus is Rocking

Every time I come into contact with another culture I realize just how different people are. We saw a example of that on the bus ride to and from our first Batay visit.

As you all know, yesterday was the first of five visits to area Batays. We were transported the 30 or so minutes to and from the location by bus. Our team consisted of about twenty members, comprised of a translator, the Touchstone Youth, the Fifty5five team, and a number of local young worship and Sunday school leaders. When I say young, I am thinking in the 16 to 22 year old age group, so not much older than our youth. As they have been taught their entire lives, the Touchstone group, teenagers and adults alike, got on the bus, found a seat, and sat looking straight ahead. Not so with the Dominican group. Within two blocks, they were singing the children's worship song's they had learned from us ... and dancing. I assure you, no amplification was needed and that bus was quite literally rocking! Of course, on the way back several hours later, they were tired and much more sedate, right? Not even close. There was every bit as much song and dance coming and going. One of my personal prayers is that by the end of this trip we can all join in on a bit of that worship exuberance.

Every time I come into contact with another culture I realize just how similar people are. I know, I just said ...

We are the same in that we are fallen, and there is only one hope for us, Jesus. As with any group of kids ranging from about two to twelve years old, there was yelling, pushing, fighting, and general chaos at times. At other times, they were helping each other with crafts, listening attentively, and enjoying the stories about Jesus they were hearing.

The stories they heard included how to remember the seven days of creation using fingers (If you get a chance, ask one of the team to demonstrate!) What happened in the garden. How sin has separated us from God, and how Jesus and the cross is a bridge across that separation. There were memory verses, crafts, and songs to reinforce the message. I have to say that the Touchstone youth team did amazing on the stories. At the end of the day, there were several Dominican kids who came forward and prayed the prayer of salvation!

Keep praying.

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