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Speaking of Hot!

Our team of mission travellers has been back home for about nine days now. I spoke with one of them yesterday, asking if she was recovered yet. Her answer ... almost. As for myself, I would also have to say "almost." I am noticing that I can't seem to sing children's worship songs in English. The Spanish versions keep rattling around in my brain ... "nada, nada, no no no no, nada" And "blinka, blinka, blinka en la luz, luz, luz." I have to say, I love it.

So, what is this hot I am speaking about. Fireworks of course.

Three days after returning from La Romana we jumped into fireworks season. Fifty5five is running two booths this year, one in Sacramento and one in Folsom. Today is July 3rd, which means as I write this, we have two days of sales left and the fireworks are going fast.

This is a great fund raiser for Fifty5five, and I know that nearly everyone reading this has a need for fireworks, so, the solution is obvious. Stop by and fulfill all your fireworks needs at one of Fifty5five's booths.

While you are here, spend some time fellowshiping with us. We would love your company. Don

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