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Seven Days and Counting!

Wow, I just opened the Fifty5five website and noticed the trip count down. 7 days and 11 hours before we leave for the Dominican Republic! I know everyone involved, travelers and support people alike, are rushing around making sure every last detail has been taken care of. As if we are really able to control that. It's in God's hands, and I for one am very glad it is, because I know I am just a bit over my head (OK, maybe a lot over my head.) Of course, I didn't need to see the trip counter to know how close we are. The frantic emails, text messages, and spiritual warfare are reaching a crescendo.

comes up during the week before leaving.

Personally, I have a relatively small role to play in the trip. Study a few scripts for skits and presentations and put together a few devotionals. The "heavy lifting" is being done by others. Even at that, my day has been interesting. I started off by wanting to do a couple of hours of study time over breakfast at my favorite place. Tuesdays are normally quiet there after the early morning rush, and the coffee would definitely help with my thought process. It was wonderful ... for the first half hour. Then a group of out of school high schoolers came in. I love teenagers. One of the things I enjoy most is their exuberance, and this group was definitely exuberant. Must have been forty of them. Not sure what the event was, however, there was definitely an event. Since then, there has been a steady stream of text messages, emails, and stuff, including two updates to the Fifty5five web site (with a third to follow later), a 50 mile round trip to handle a fund raising task (speaking of which, its not too late to donate), and a phone call from one of my kids with some ... never mind, not related to the trip. Strangely, a 50 mile trip in traffic and the heat of the day gave me the most pleasure of anything I have done over the past several days. Must be that feet washing thing.

However, I think I had it easy today compared to others with larger roles to play in the trip. In the past few days, in addition to the normal last minute emails, texts, preparation, and packing, we have had two mission members suffer vertigo, one get an eye infection, one have a problem with getting anti-malarial medication (the doctor wrote the script for three doses instead of the required seven), and a change in dates for a future fund raising activity because the event facility was no longer available on the date it was originally planned for. We had a board meeting last week, and the president commented that she expected things to get interesting this week. It seems stuff always comes up during the week before leaving. If today is any indication, she was so right.

All I can say is ... it's great to know I am right where God wants me to be ... If this wasn't where he wanted all of us, things would be going very smoothly.

Thanks to all for your support. Remember to pray for us this week and during our upcoming trip.

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