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Quite A Blessing

We finished up in the Batay's with a blessing from God. This last Batay was in the mountains, and was without a doubt the prettiest setting we have seen thus far. There was a smaller group of children, and they were by far the most well behaved of any we have seen. Even though it was a small group, there were many voices repeating the prayer of salvation at the end. Quite a blessing ... but not the one I am talking about.

The mission of Fifty5five is to train up teachers. We definitely saw that today, with the Touchstone Youth team taking on the role of mentors to the Dominican "teacher trainees" as they conducted many of the stories and crafts of this final day of Vacation Bible School. Again, quite a blessing ... but not the one I am talking about.

So, enough already, just what are you talking about. The Touchstone Youth team! Wow. Stepping off of the plane a week ago was a group individual teenagers, most of whom seemed quite shy, and who I think were feeling woefully unprepared. During the past week, I have had the joy of watching them mature into a team, willing to do whatever it takes to share God to the children of Dominican Republic's Batays. They have developed relationships with locals that were unlikely a week ago, and even the most reserved reached out in love to the children of the Batay we visited yesterday.

Yes, quite a blessing from God.

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