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Planning, Preparation, and Worship

Sunday, our first real day here in Siem Reap was full and productive. As always, our day started with team devotionals, and I have to say that worship songs accompanied by two ukuleles is a great way to start the day!

No matter how well planned everything is pre-trip, there is always "stuff" that comes up and plans that need to be improved upon. That was today. Final presentation assignments were decided upon, crafts set up, costumes assembled, and skit roles practiced (several times through.) All before 12:30 when we met our driver for a trip to a local church for Sunday services.

I keep learning this, over and over, and again, I found that no matter the language, worship is a joyful sound unto the Lord! Today we attended Siem Reap River Church. An obvious reference to the Siem Reap River, but also, as the pastor pointed out, a direct reference to the River of Life offered believers in Jesus. The church service was in English and in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, which made it nice for everyone to follow along with the message. Speaking of everyone, this is a small church which was quite literally packed with members and visitors. In a room designed for 50, I made an unofficial count that put attendance at about 80. Needless to say, the song service was phenomenal. The pastor is a transplant from Louisiana, who came to Cambodia to plant churches. I don't know if that was his original plan, however, the fact that he has started three churches in Cambodia, two in Phnom Penh and this one in Siem Reap bears testimony to it. All in all, a great way to worship the Lord in preparation for the mission he has set for us.

I know I have said it before, however, it is so true. Your prayers can be felt in everything happening. Thank you!


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What a joyful post. Thanks for the update 😁


Wait...shouldn't there be THREE ukes playing, Don?

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