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Our Plan is Plan B

The highlight for me today was two children in particular. One little girl had some deformities of her lower limbs and basically had little between her torso and the ground. But she was amazing. She really moved amazing and was raising her had to participate in everything. I see nothing can stop her, she has a drive and a determination despite the challenges of being disabled in a developing nation.

The second child appeared with autism I suspect. The smile on his face was so beautiful. He displayed a deep joy of innocence. There is a lesson in their drive and joy. My personal prayer is that when I'm feeling discouraged or complacent I will remember their beautiful faces.

Today was proof of God's plan. We had been told to expect 30 children, so we prepared lunches for 50, and 100 crafts just in case. Throughout the day, we had children continue to arrive, and we continued to change the configuration in the very tiny building to accommodate the children pouring through the doors. At one point we had to sit half of the kids in the inner building facing out and the rest in the covered patio area. We had to be creative and teach between the entrance and the outside back and forth so all of the children could see. This is the complete opposite direction of how the church is set up. The sandwiches were cut in 1/4s, cookies taken out of packets to feed more, and juice cups filled half way. Every child was fed. There were about 130 kids by the afternoon session. Adults lined the outside peering in. I asked Becky to do 2 different crafts; one with the younger kids and another with the older. Becky told me I needed to trust the Lord. She is so spiritual like that. Our team recounted our scratcher hearts and we had enough to accommodate each and every child there. He is so faithful. Yesterday, one of the teacher from our training said we had a problem, we had too many kids. I said that is a great problem to have. Again I heard those same words. Jesus said to let the little children come. We could never turn away a child. Several children raised their hands to accept Jesus into their hearts. We also turned over more of the VBS to the local trainers.

The team continues to bond with each other and our local team. Thank you for your prayers for unity and health. The prayers of a righteous man is powerful and effective. They are the backbone of our mission.

I might mention that plan B is never used, because plan A is God's plan and is always the right plan.

Joyfully Serving Him,


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