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On the Seventh Day He Rested

Yesterday was Sunday, and even though it was only our fifth day, it was a day of rest. There isn't much to report. We woke up and shared a devotional together, as is our habit everyday, about abiding in Jesus. A lesson that will be valuable in the days ahead. This was followed with practice time for the weeks Vacation Bible Schools.

At 1:00 Dominican time, we had the pleasure of watching Touchstone stream live their morning service. The internet connection wasn't the strongest, or fastest, resulting in quite a bit of "buffering", however, we were all blessed.

In the afternoon, Pastor Steve and I took a couple of the youth on a quick tour of the town around us. I think all agreed ... it is different, but at the same time much the same as what we are used to. The kids that went with us enjoyed a treat at a local dessert shop across from the city park.

Evening found us at the local worship service. It was quite a production involving groups of singers, dancers with flags and capes, and prayer. Sadly, I was so involved watching that I forgot to take pictures to share. At one point, the local church took the time to say thank you to the two mission groups there and provided Theresa the opportunity to say a few words. During one particularity good part of the service, it was suggested to Pastor Steve that he discuss with the worship director at Touchstone about emulating the worship service back home. I'm not sure if he thought that was a good idea or not.

As I write this, the sun is coming up. I am alone except for the staff here, but I expect to start seeing others soon. I don't know about anybody else, however, as for myself, I a looking forward to what God has in store for us today.


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