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Long Hours in the Mission Field Take Their Toll

AKA ... Being the only man traveling with a group of seven strong Christian women can be quite educational.

Every mission trip reaches that point where things get a bit "unusual." That would be the point where maybe God's strength begins to manifest itself in ways only the Spirit could achieve. Or, tempers begin to flare. Maybe feelings get hurt. Whichever way things go, tears are often the result. After several days of being flexible, needing to change timing, "job" assignments, and scripts. Trying to balance nutrition needs with trying to not eat something that would "impact" tender stomachs, and not offending hosts who are sharing their favorite foods with us. After a week of long hours, often starting as early as 2:00 or 3:00 while living in very close quarters with a group of people who are not family .. however in so many ways are ... we reached that point.

It happened at the dinner table. The Holy Spirit, knowing the team needed it, reduced a group of seven strong, mature Christian women to fits of laughter that came in waves so strong that I saw a certain pastor's wife (who I think should remain nameless) laughing so hard she was moments away from tears. But, it wasn't just her. All of us were taken away from the stress via laughter. It is a good thing we were the only ones in the dinning room at the time. Someone might have called the authorities about the group of crazies. I don't know about everyone else, however I walked away from the table refreshed, which was much needed after a very stressful day where we saw the hand of the enemy at work through disruptive behavior and some other much more heartbreaking events.

As always, God timing was perfect. We are moving into our final day here in Siem Reap and all the planing, preparation, practice, and presentations up to this point are coming to a crescendo. We have looked at creation, sin and separation from God, and how God loves us so much that he had a plan. Today, it is the death and resurrection of Jesus, without which, all else is folly!

Be with us today in prayer as we move into this most important part of the story of God's love to us.


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