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I Think They Have Hit Their Stride

I know, a sports analogy. Don't worry I won't do many of them. However, in this case, I feel it really says a lot. The phrase originates from the fact that it may take a person or a horse a step or two to get into an efficient run. Well, I think our group as a whole, but especially the touchstone youth, may have hit their stride.

Yesterday saw us at Batay Alta Gracia (High Grace) enjoying Vacation Bible School with a new group of kids. The adults on the team have practiced their parts, and are pretty good. Ask Pastor Steve to dance for you ... you may never look at him quite the same. The young local Sunday School teachers from our teacher training session have not only perfected our songs in both English and Spanish, They are beginning to have roles within the program. I turned over my facilitation of a memory verse "game" to Tony, and he did great. However, I have to say that the Touchstone Youth turned in some truly remarkable performances. They were good on the first day, but great on the second.

It's amazing how God can take us out of our comfort zone and cause us to grow. Actually, maybe we can't grow unless we are out of that comfort zone, and that is why we grow so much during a mission trip.

On a side note, Theresa, Becky, and myself had an opportunity to visit a lovely lady in her home here at Alta Gracia. She was born and raised in the batay, raising her nine children here as well. I wish I had been able to capture some pictures of her home, unfortunately, it was dark inside, and the light coming through the windows would wash out the entire picture. Fortunately, pictures aren't needed to help me remember a warm loving lady who opened her home to three strangers.

Yes, they are working, please continue bathing us in prayer!


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