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Highlights From Svay Rieng

We are back in Phnom Penh where we will be relaxing for a day or two, meeting with some locals, and doing some shopping for the Christmas Tea Boutique. As we look back on Svay Rieng, each of us has our own special thoughts about the past four days. I hope you enjoy them.

Joseph (site host)- I liked the way you broke the stories down into simple concepts for the kids.

Becky Jo-Motos, and bikes, and dogs oh my! Smiling faces under helmets and hats coming to VBS 3, 2, and 1 at a time. All coming to sit under the mango trees to hear songs of Jump Jump Jump into the light light light. Playing with the parachutes. Learning John 3:16 and how God so loves them. Eyes wide with the box story as they see the cross is the only bridge to heaven and eternal life. The Worldless Book come alive in a necklace. All these things brought joy to your heart.

Jeri-To see the transformation like a butterfly. They come in so shy and emerge with confidence in Christ as He equips them.

Theresa-When we arrived the smiles of the young teachers really warmed my heart. I believe so strongly in raising up the younger generation of leaders. Here we were, reaching the next generation in a rural community of Cambodia. After 1 ½ days of training I asked them to return from lunch and perform a skit for us. One group reenacted a story we taught. It reinforced how the stories stick with the different teaching methods they had been introduced to. The second group recounted the story of Mary and Joseph. They had us in stitches laughing. Their use of props and creativity was awesome.

Don-smiles from young and old and hugs from people you don't expect. These are a couple of the things that prove cultural lines can be crossed when Jesus is the focus. I love the excitement you see in a young adults eyes when the training is finished and you can see that they understand the message, and now have some tools to help the deliver it.

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