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High Points

My high point was playing and talking to the kids. It was fun seeing the local kids being the leaders and did most of the VBS and we got to sit back and watch them shine - Shauna

The high point of the trip for me was meeting this one little girl named Yur. She immediately clung to me from the beginning but she wouldn't smile or talk. She had something wrong with her eye, either permanent or not, and it seemed as though others picked on her or excluded her for it. However she was so sweet, and I felt like I was able to show her God's love; which was an amazing experience. -Madi

My high point was watching the youth of each country start being the leaders of tomorrow!

Wow how cool is that! - Becky Jo

My high point was hanging out with the locals and getting to know the kids from the batey's. Each one is unique and it was interesting to hear about their lives and it was interesting to hear how different theirs is from mine. -Evelynn

Although I had many high points during this trip, my favorite moments occurred when I was able to utilize my skills with full acknowledgement of what I was doing. One example, was when I used my small Spanish speaking skills to attempt to translate conversations with the local helpers. I also loved learning new skills that I am apparently good at. Many of my colleagues suggested that my presentation was well executed even though I felt that it was a disaster. - Enrique

As my first mission, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. One thing I definitely did not expect was actually my high point of the entire trip. On the last day, we arrived at the Batey, and everything was fairly similar to the previous days, however, the surprise and the end of the normalcy came quickly. Theresa assigned the skits the youth had been doing to the local helpers who had attended the teacher training, and with very little preparation, they performed all of the skits, songs, and memory verses flawlessly, bringing to life the stories and really engaging the kids. Their personalities truly shone through as they shared the message of God. - Ryder

I had a few high points of the trip. one of them was getting to know the local kids that worked with us out at the batays. Another one was getting to know all the people on the team and really getting some bonding time with them. The highest point was for sure seeing someone in the group really come out of their comfort zone. Something that I don't think they would do at home. This person showing Gods love to this one little girl was the thing that touched my heart the most during this trip. -Isaac

As the unofficial photographer for the trip, I had the privilege of watching for and capturing images of each member of the group interacting with and loving the batay kids. I never had a shortage of opportunity. This group had so much love to share, and through that love others could see God's presence. - Don

I think my high point on this trip was seeing all the ways that God was working with us and through us. I liked seeing him change us, and change how we interact with each other. At the beginning of the week, I could hardly talk to my teammates. By the end of today though, I've joked around, poked fun, and shared a lot about myself. I also liked seeing God really provide while we were teaching in the bateys. There was so much stuff that got switched around and changed, and so many things that could have gone wrong, but everything turned out perfectly. I could really tell that God had a plan for this trip. -Noelle

This is my first experience on a Mission Trip of any type. there were many highlights for me but two tied for first place and were clearly orchestrated by our Lord. First, the overall unity, spirit, cooperation and collaboration of the team during conditions that required much flexibility on a daily basis were absolutely amazing. Secondly, the ability of our team to mesh with the local team comprised of primarily youth was extraordinary. They trying to learn English and us, Spanish is one example of how much we wanted to deliver the very best VBS experience for the children whose live we touched. - Debby

My high point was the final day of Vacation Bible School, when the local teachers we had been training got to take over and put into practice all they had been learning. They did an amazing job of engaging the kids with the same stories we'd been telling, such an amazing job that we knew we were leaving these local ministries in good hands. It was beautiful testimony to the fact that our mission here was truly accomplished. It was also a joy seeing these locals we had gotten to know come out of their shells and just shine, knowing our brothers and sisters were using the gifts God has given them. -Steve

This was truly an amazing partnership. I came home from the DR last year and proposed the partnership to Steve. Watching students I'd once had in Sunday School and now working shoulder to shoulder in service was so special. The highlight for me was hearing the team debrief and share their highlights.They grew and matured so much on this trip. I will treasure this in my heart always. -Theresa

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