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First Day in Svay Reing

We started a new teacher training today in the Svay Reing Provence, about an hour and a half outside of the town of Svay Reing. About half of that was on a dirt road ... well, it would have been dirt if it weren't for the rain. Wet reddish brown clay would describe it. The church is out in the countryside surrounded primarily by rice paddies.

Quite a bit of culture shock. Not only was the rural location so much different than Phnom Penh, we went from about 40 participants to 7. Each of them is about 18 years old. Nice small intimate group. Of course, like all groups, they started out very studious. There the similarity ends. The smiles came out quickly, and the group became very animated.

I think my favorite part of the day was during the sock puppet activity. As with young people the world over, as soon as the puppets were done, a sock puppet battle commenced.

The four of us are beginning to really work together as a team. Not much coaching is needed. We each know what we need to do, and get it done.

Devotions for tomorrow is Psalm 3

Questions to ask yourself

This Psalm can be broken into 3 parts … I have so many enemies … God takes away my fear … Glory to God who saved me. Where in this Psalm are you right now?

I cried aloud and he heard me … then I was able to lie down and sleep. Are you able to sleep?

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