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Father Forgive Them

We have all heard this verse many times.

Luke 23:34 "And Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I heard it again today and realized, while I have heard it with my ears, I may never have heard it with my heart, and mind, and soul. Hanging on the cross, Jesus asked his father to forgive the ones crucifying him, right? Yes, that is true, however, it's not the whole story. You see, in that simple word "them," Jesus actually said my name ... and yours ... and the individual name of every sinner who has ever lived!

Jesus hanging on a cross asked his father who loved him and would do anything for him to forgive me! That is the message Fifty5five delivered to a group of children and adults this morning.

Today, we had the privilege of being asked to conduct Sunday school at a local church. We followed the same lesson plan we always do.

  1. God created ...

  2. Man sinned and we were separated from Him ...

  3. God provided ...

  4. God and heaven await!

It was during Linda's presentation, done in a way that could be understood by children, of God's provision in Jesus dying on a cross, and the words he spoke that new understanding burst it's way into my heart.

That's the mission of Fifty5five. To declare and demonstrate God's intense love for us in a way that a child can understand ... and maybe even a few adults.

At this time, it probably goes without saying that our team of four ... Linda, Theresa, Jerry, and Don ... safely made it to the Dominican Republic yesterday afternoon. Today was a warm up for what is to come. Beginning tomorrow morning, we have teacher training in two locations, and two separate vacation bible schools scheduled to be conducted in area Bateyes.

Please join us in prayer as we share God's message of salvation.

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