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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Quite literally, there was all of these and more.  We finished the teacher training portion of the trip this afternoon. I feel a bit guilty being the one to write this post, because we all experienced some moments to share.   However, I am doing the writing, so it will have a definite leaning toward my experiences.

Before i get to that, lets start at the end.  About two o'clock, the three of us hopped on a school bus to to make the hour drive to the airport to meet the Touchstone youth group who flew in to join the mission for five days of vacation bible schools in the Batays.  I am happy to say, the group arrived safely, looking a bit tired, but happy to be there.  I as write this, we are on the bus returning to the mission where dinner awaits.  Speaking of food, apparently the highlight of the trip out was enjoying breakfast at the same airport restaurant that Beyonce' eats. 

On to the blood, sweat, and tears part of the story.

First there was sweat Yes, it is hot.  All three days have been hot, and I expect more to follow.   Not only hot, but humid.  We had a two block walk from where we are staying to the church we have been teaching at.  Guaranteed, our clothes were soaked through with sweat by the time we arrived.  At times, a breeze blows through the building and I want to say sweet Jesus, thank you.  It's a good think I like the heat!

Then there was blood Apparently I got a little too much into my role as a disruptive youth.  All of a sudden the translator stopped, looked at me, wiped her chin then looked at her hand.  Seems she was trying to tell me I was dripping blood off my chin.  I had gotten a very small cut from the prop I was using ... Lol.  Oh well I was supposed to be disruptive.  I succeeded in my role.

And then there were tears. 

January 2017

Sometimes God crushes you, in a good way. Last year I had the pleasure of holding a baby while his very young mother went to the front of the room and prayed the prayer of salvation.  I can't tell you how many times I've told the story. For some reason this young mother had touched my heart.  Jump to this year.  Near the end of the day something inside promoted me to move from the front row to the back.  Sitting two rows in front of me was someone that I hadn't noticed before, but that really looked familiar.  It took me a few minutes to realize it was that same young mother.  A year later, she is learning how to teach Sunday school!  It is amazing how God will occasionally open a window to show His work.

As always, thank you for your prayers, and keep them coming.

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