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Are These The Same People?

Teacher Training began on Tuesday. When we started, we had close to 40 very somber teacher trainees. Quiet, studious, "note takers". Not so much today. By graduation at 4:00 this afternoon, the group was having fun ... a lot of fun! So were we. And, it is amazing how much they learned about teaching children. We covered learning types, class structure, learning retention, story telling, object lessons, and a host of other topics. There is no doubt in my mind that this group "had it down".

Obviously, we finished our first Teacher Training today. Tomorrow is a travel day. We are heading to a place called Svey Reing, near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam for another Teacher Training, followed by a Vacation Bible School. This is a somewhat more remote area and we aren't sure if we will have internet access or not. I'm sure you will figure it out quickly. If there is a blog post tomorrow, we have internet. If not, we don't.

On a side note. a Couple days ago I mentioned we had a group called Bloom that joined in our training. They have a similar mission to AIM, but approach it quite a bit differently. One thing they have in common is helping victims of the sex trade get out by teaching them a skill and paying a living wage for the work they do. In the case of Bloom, its cakes. Yes, cakes. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cup cakes.

After class today we surprised a couple of our trainees by showing up at their cake shop. Quite a tastee treat, not to mention that the cakes are more art than food. Check out the two cakes above, and the "flowers" that decorated the tops of two of the cupcakes we had. I apologize for the yellow tint to the photo. The lighting in the hotel room was awful, and yes, the crumbs on the cake are a little tacky, but I didn't think of a picture until it was too late.

Tomorrows devotional is on Psalm 51.

After reading the Psalm, here are some questions for thought.

How does Galation 5:1 relate to this Psalm?

Galations 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Many Psalms were intended to be sung. We continue to do it today. My favorite Psalm based song is here. Think back to songs taken from Psalms that you have heard. What favorites do you have and why is that so?

Why pray for Jerusalem and Israel? Wasn’t David worried about his own sin here?

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