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A Very Pleasant Surprise

Our first day of teacher training is complete and I am happy to say that the pre-mission trip jitters seem to have ended by mid-morning, and everyone "hit there stride" in the lessons.

Overall, there are about 40 teachers attending training, which included a very pleasant surprise. We are training teachers from a group called AIM, whose mission is to rescue victims of the sex trade, establish a safe place for them, provide employment, and operate a safe school for the youth. Our pleasant surprise? They invited a second group, Bloom, with a similar mission to attend the training. God's will never fails to amaze me, and His word never goes out void.

I would love to include a few pictures of the day, however, for the protection of all parties we have been requested not to. Later in our trip, we will be in another area, with a different group that does not have the same need for privacy. Pictures will follow.

I think jet lag has settled in. It is only 7pm, and we are all exhausted. An early bedtime is calling, so this will be a very short post.

Tomorrow's devotion is Psalm 19.

While you read it, some questions to consider are;

  • If creation witnesses so spectacularly about the creator, then why are you and I commanded to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming God's great news?

  • What does Jesus say is the most important of God's commandments? (Hint ... check out Mark 12:28 ...)

  • In v. 12 and 13, the word innocent is used twice. What does it mean to you?

Thank you for your prayers, and please ... please ... please, keep them coming.

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