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A Dog, A Chicken, and a Streaker Came to Church One Day

Actually, that's not 100% accurate. The streaker didn't really streak, he nonchalantly strolled in the side door, down the center aisle, and out the front door, and the fact that he was only about 18 months old made it all OK. Not a single giggle, snicker, gasp, or worse. Linda, who was telling the story of Dorcas at the time didn't miss a beat. The only reaction I saw was me pausing the camera ... I was recording the story ... and starting back up when he was gone. The dog and the chicken however were greeted somewhat more abruptly, and quickly ushered from the sanctuary.

We all counted today as a major success. Three members of the group we graduated yesterday conducted day one of a three day vacation bible study at a local church. We are told there were approximately 100 kids in attendance, and that all three teachers did a fabulous job, using the skills, techniques, and stories they learned over the past three days.

Today marked day one of our second teacher training/VBS session. We are the guests of the Batey Las Cejas, and for the second time this trip, I had the pleasure of having one of the teacher trainees from last year come up and greet me with a hug. In this case he is a resident of the Batey, speaks pretty good English, and took the time to show several of us around, introducing us to some of the residents. A number of them used the opportunity to practice their English, and all made every attempt to converse, even when we had no common language. I feel a bit guilty that one of the most pleasant times of the day came in the batey's town park. Concrete benches, lots of shade trees, and a breeze sent from heaven.

Speaking of Linda's story about Dorcas, here is a clip you might enjoy. As always, keep us in prayer.

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