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What A Great VBS!

Oops, missed a day. Ever have one of those days that you only have four things to do, and don't get one of them done. That was yesterday. I apologize that I didn't get a post up. However, it was a great day. The past two days we facilitated a vacation bible school at the same location as the church/school we have been at. We were blessed with about 50 kids aged 3 to 16 yesterday. We lost several of them today because it is a holiday, and many were expected to celebrate with their families, however, those that did make it made my day.

I love watching the looks on the kids faces as the story of God, and his love unfolds. You see a gamut of expressions including seriousness, concentration, laughter, surprise, and awe. I wish I could get all of them on film, but it just isn't possible to have the camera on all the time.

On a side note. Remember the pastor and the necklace he made. He greeted me both yesterday and today with a hug, the necklace still hanging around his neck. I never saw him without it. He also "hung" a coffee filter angel from his shirt, played with his grandson (i think he is about 6 months old) using a sock puppet, and as you can see here was very intent on working on a "beautiful heart" craft.

God uses the simple things of this world.

As far as devotions are concerned. Yesterday God switched things up on us. At the last minute he changed the planned devotional from Psalm 34 to Psalm 100. But we were back on track with Psalm 34 today.

Tomorrow we move to Psalm 1. and begin our long trek home.

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